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Dunlop Hendrix Pick Tin

Dunlop Hendrix Pick Tin


Aura Mandala


Hendrix is undeniably the most influential guitarist who ever lived. Not only has his soulful expression resonated with billions across the globe, but his flamboyant stage persona truly captured a generation. The Dunlop JHPT16H epitomizes Jimi's unique flair. Emblazoned with artwork from award-winning UK-based design crUe, ILOVEDUST, this pick tin commemorates Hendrix's historic performance of "TheStar-Spangled Banner" at Woodstock. The six included celluloid picks boast the same design. If you're a Hendrix fan, don't miss your chance to add this pick tin to your collection.

Dunlop JHPT16H Jimi Hendrix Pick Tin Features:
Pick tin that epitomizes Jimi Hendrix's unique flair
Commemorates Hendrix's historic performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Woodstock
Emblazoned with artwork from award-winning UK-based design crue, ILOVEDUST
Includes 6 genuine celluloid picks

Manufactured by Dunlop
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