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Pigtronix Infinity 2 Dual Stereo Looper Pedal

Pigtronix Infinity 2 Dual Stereo Looper Pedal

Brand Pigtronix
Style Looper
Color Green,Transparent,Red
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9 x 6 x 4 inches
Item Weight 1 Pounds

About this item

  • Simple to Operate: Infinity 3 is the world’s most musical looping pedal. Simple to operate, yet tremendously powerful and flexible, the Infinity 3 guarantees latency-free looping
  • Recording Time: With approximately 3 hours of recording time on up to 50 loop pairs, the Infinity 3 was designed to inspire compositional depth and engaging performances
  • Comprehensive MIDI Control: Comprehensive MIDI control and intelligent MIDI clock jitter correction provide the ability to link the Infinity 3 to a DAW, Drum Machine, or other effects pedals
  • Red/Green Button: Red/Green is a key corresponding to the center buttons. When any button is red, the feature written above the button is active. When green, the feature below is active. Sync/Multi options for Loop 1 and 2. Red for a synced 1:1 ratio, Green for Multi (press and hold to set how many times longer Loop 2 is than Loop 1)
  • Pigtronix Universal Remote: Jam-packed with features, Infinity 3 allows for every looping possibility, including MIDI-sync options, stereo split inputs, and extra features via the Pigtronix Universal Remote
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