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D'Addario XS 11/49 Electric Guitar Strings

D'Addario XS 11/49 Electric Guitar Strings

D'Addario XS strings are coated to last longer

XS strings are coated with a microscopically thin film—10 times thinner than a human hair—to seal each set from corrosion without choking the tone. They offer smooth, fast play without the finger noise associated with uncoated strings. Depending on your playing style and schedule, XS electrics can last up to five times longer than uncoated strings. 

D'Addario engineered XS strings to produce a bright, crunchy tone with a pleasant and pronounced midrange bump. They accentuate everything in the 1kHz to 3.5kHz range, letting guitar tracks sit perfectly in the mix. The unique alloy magnetizes these strings more strongly, allowing your pickups to deliver an overall higher output.

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