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Elixir Acoustic Bronze Nanoweb 10/47 Strings

Elixir Acoustic Bronze Nanoweb 10/47 Strings

The Nanoweb Extra Light acoustic guitar strings from Elixir Strings provides players with the perfect combination of protected tone and traditional playability. Featuring Elixir's ultrathin Nanoweb coating, these 80/20 bronze wound strings boast a crisp tone with sparkling high-end and robust midrange, while still maintaining an uncoated feel under your fingers. The nanoweb coating shields the whole string, not just the outer surface, preventing the buildup of tone-deadening residue that can occur with other brands' coated and uncoated strings. This allows for a much longer tone life and less need to change your strings.

Ultrathin Nanoweb Coating Delivers Uncoated Feel

Elixir Strings' ultrathin Nanoweb coating provides a natural, uncoated feel, allowing you to play freely without sticking. Though coated, the nanotechnology is microscopically thin, keeping the strings from feeling coated. The coating prevents dirt, sweat and oils from reaching the string core, maintaining bright tone for longer than any other brand's coated or uncoated strings.

Anti-Rust Plating Prevents Plain Steel String Tone Loss

The plain steel strings in this set feature an anti-rust plating to prevent tone degradation from corrosion. By shielding the plain strings in addition to the wound, this set provides longer, balanced tone across all strings. The plating, combined with the nanoweb coating, allows for maximum tone life and minimal need for string changes.

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