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Enova XLR NXT True Mold Microphone Cable 5m

Enova XLR NXT True Mold Microphone Cable 5m

Swiss made, gold contacts, dust and water resistant and UNLIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Designed for rugged stage use with enhanced protection against dust and water, the EnovaNxt XLR cable features gold-plated XLR contacts for high-quality conductivity, better corrosion protection and increased durability with frequent mating. In addition, the tapered design puts an end to sagging cables.

Enova Solutions engineers developed a new overmold technology that had not been used in the professional A/V industry before. The patented 'True Mold' technology was born! With 'True Mold', the individual connectors and the cable merge into a fully integrated and assembled cable.

The first product of the EnovaNxt line, manufactured in Europe using "True Mold" process technology, is a 2-pole shielded microphone cable. The highly flexible, balanced analog audio cable is overmolded to form a fully integrated ready-made-cable. The cable has an outer diameter of 6.4 mm and features shielded pair of oxygen-free copper stranding with 2 x 0.22 mm² conductor cross-section, inner conductor with optical coverage nom. 98%. The EnovaNxt microphone cable will be available in summer 2022 in 7 different lengths (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 and 20 meters).

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