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Fallen Raider Audio Bones Boost/Light Fuzz Pedal

Fallen Raider Audio Bones Boost/Light Fuzz Pedal

This little tank brings you attitude and power! No crazy distortion on this one just a calmer full body fuzz with sound u can really feel on your chest! It works great on bass guitar too.

The Bones, Fuzz is a true “Fallen Raider” original design and one of a kind tone and feel. You have to play it to believe it! The warmth and diversity, not to mention the integration with other pedals it just transforms your sound in an amazing way. The “Thump” provides a personal character adjustment to add that personal taste adjustment adding another level of tone adjustment. The “Bones” also incorporates the True By-pass Foot Switch completely removing the effects of this pedal from the signal traveling to the amplifier.

• Excellent warm tone

• Thump provides clarity to your low end

• True By-pass Foot Switch

• 9V dc Power

• Standard 1/4” Input/Output Jacks

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