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Fallen Raider Audio Raider Overdrive And Distortion Pedal

Fallen Raider Audio Raider Overdrive And Distortion Pedal

This Pedal rocks! think of all the greats from the 70s, 80s even the 90s! From rock to heavy metal this pedal will give you the wall of sound you are looing for! Impress your friends and your fans with the unique and huge sound you can't get from budget pedals. The Raider is your choice for power!


The Fallen Raider is an Overdrive Distortion Pedal with excellent tonal versatility from subtle boost to heavy distortion. The boost function provides compression as well, enhancing sustain, resonance, and responsiveness, as well as boosting the input signal. This compression is manifested in the pedal's ability to provide excellent harmonic feedback at very manageable volume levels. It works complimentary with tube-based amps, effectively providing an extra cascaded preamp in addition to the distortion function. The EQ function provides bass, mid, and high adjustments. The switching is nice and quiet, and offers a true by-pass signal. The Fallen Raider comes with the standard 9vdc power connection and is compatible with 90% of effects pedals, making it a simple drop-in addition to pedal boards with standalone power supplies. A 9V Battery connection is optional. The construction is solid and rugged, it will withstand the rigors of working player abuse.


• excellent tone from subtle boost to heavy distortion

• boost provides compression enhancing sustain, resonance, responsiveness, also boosting the input signal

• 3-way EQ (Bass, Mid, High)

• True By-pass Foot Switch

• 9V dc Power

• standard 1/4” Input/Output Jacks

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