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Promark SPYR SU2R Soft #2 Marimba 1 1/4 Round Rubber Mallet

Promark SPYR SU2R Soft #2 Marimba 1 1/4 Round Rubber Mallet

The ProMark SPYR SU2R medium rubber Marimba mallet is designed with a minimalist repertoire in mind. The SU2R provides an excellent, articulate sound in the middle to the upper register of the marimba and also functions well as a practice marimba mallet.

SPYR is a collaboration with world-renowned percussionists, designers, and educators Kevin Shah and Tony Nunez. Designed with the educator in mind, the SPYR series features a full suite of mallets that cover the complete spectrum of sounds required on keyboard instruments for the variety of ensembles and performances that educators lead.

No more need for multiple mallet lines to outfit your different ensembles. With SPYR, we’ve got you covered.

ProMark's patented mallet core molding process uses the most sophisticated digital machines available to ensure each mallet core is consistent, from hardness to weight. A new winding process increases the life of wrap material, so you can focus more on playing and less on your mallets wearing out.

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor marching and concert
  • Tip material: rubber
  • Head material: rubber
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